Motorcycle Tires: How Old Is Too Old?

The alpha numerical coding on the sidewall of Dunlop motorcycle tires can be confusing. It is important to understand these codes to insure you are getting a safe tire that will work on your particular motorcycle. Dunlop tire codes utilize metric measurements. Metric sizing is the most widely used and has the most information. Simply put, the higher this number is, the taller the tire will be. In this case, the tire is 65 percent as tall as its width. If there are two letters after the aspect ratio, the first will be speed rating and the second will be tire construction.

How to Read Date Code on Motorcycle Tires

Do we care? We probably should because it could mean the difference between a safe, fun ride and spending time on the side of the road or worse. At the very least, we hope this article prompts you to check the age of your tires. At most, we hope it inspires you enough to swap out old tires for new if necessary. So how can you tell the age of your tires?

Like your perishable groceries, your motorcycle tires have a “sell by” date. Fortunately, though, your tires won’t spoil as fast as produce and.

Size may be indicated in inches, metric, or by letters alpha. The chart shows the approximate comparison of the different size indications. By subscribing you agree to our Privacy Policy. See Details. Shop Motorcycle Gear Shop All. Shop Motorcycle Tires Shop All.

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All reputable tire manufacturers have their own list of approved tires for most motorcycle models. These lists may appear on websites, or in a booklet, and should be available at your motorcycle dealer or parts and accessory shop. In some cases, an alternative will also be included. Always make sure that the tires recommended for your bike appear in a written form. Take the advice of the professionals: the motorcycle or tire manufacturer. Tires are composed of various types of material and rubber compounds, having performance properties essential to the proper functioning of the tire itself.

All motorcycle tires have a date code right there on the rubber. For all motorcycle tires created after the year , the first two digits indicate the.

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Motorcycle Tires Safety Tips

Dating motorcycle tires self. Do you guys know how old these tires are, been trying to research online but I’m either doing it wrong or not seeing the actual number sequence. The tires look to be in good condition but id like to know the date increase the need changed, thanks in advance :.

To read the date code on motorcycle tires, you must find the 4-digit part of the DOT code on the sidewall of a tire. The first pair of numbers.

Worn tires can ruin your vehicle’s performance and even endanger you or your loved ones. It is recommended that you do a weekly inspection to check:. You are also advised to check your tire pressure twice a month. If in doubt, always ask for expert advice! Tires are durable and designed to withstand impacts, but they sometimes puncture. If you get a flat tire, it should be replaced by a professional mechanic. A Michelin Man symbol on the upper side of your tires means that they feature a tread wear indicator.

Similar to little bumps, these can be found at the bottom of the main grooves. Michelin strongly advises you to change your tires before reaching this point.

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Everything from the type of tire and the tread can affect its ability to stay on the road, and its age plays a role as well. The rule of thumb is to replace tires when they are 6 years old, even if they appear to be in good condition. This is because the rubber can develop dry rot and other structural damage that you may not be able to see.

Tires are made of rubber, so every time you ride on the pavement, dirt or other surfaces, the friction erodes the material a bit.

To read the date on a tire, look near the edge of the rim for a series of characters starting with the letters DOT. This is the Department of Transportation (DOT) code​.

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How Long Do Motorcycle Tires Last? (All You Need To Know)

Summer tyres. Winter tyres. All-season tyres.

Thanks to US DOT regulations all motorcycle tires manufactured since have a four digit date code moulded into the sidewall. It’s very.

How old can motorcycle tires be and still be safe? This is a question that most motorcycle owners ask themselves. While most motorcycle tires are designed to last up to 5 years, many factors determine how long your tires will last. For instance, road hazards, improper inflation pressure, improper use of tires, overloading, tire chain damage, tire spinning, negligence, misuse, tire alteration, and improper or insufficient maintenance may cause tire damage.

Having your tires inspected regularly by a professional is highly recommended. For tires with five years of use, an annual inspection is a must. At almost 10 years of use, even with a tread that looks great, the tires should be replaced. Usually, the middle of your motorcycle tires have the most contact with the road, so will wear much faster.

Read Motorcycle Tire Date Codes in 5 Seconds

If you’ve ever wondered how old your tires are, it’s an easy bit of information to find out. Tires actually have a “born-on” date, and it’s listed right on the tire itself. Almost everything you need to know about your tires is molded into the sidewall and coded according to federal requirements, including the specific week and year when a tire was made.

Motorcycle tires play a vital role in the performance, handling and safety of the bike. The tire manufacture date is determined by examining the DOT tire.

Do you know that similar to milk and bread, motorcycle tires expire over time? Most people change the tire when it gets damaged or old. Every tire has a birth date i. At the time of manufacturing, all tires get stamped with their built date. Also, these tires have a projected shelf life. Even if you get the best dirt bike tires around, you need to know when they were manufactured, so you can replace them before anything bad happens.

Fortunately, there is an easy trick for seeing when precisely the tire was manufactured, so you roughly know how long it will last. All motorcycle tires have a date code right there on the rubber. For all motorcycle tires created after the year , the first two digits indicate the week of the year it was made while the last two digits indicate the year. For tires manufactured before , the digits read a bit differently. There are only three numbers, and they will only tell you the decade the tire was made rather than the specific year.

This is why the United States Department of Transportation changes the rules in Now when you buy street bike tires online , there is a much greater chance you will know exactly what year it was made in. Most bike tires will only last a few years.

How to Tell the Age of Motorcycle Tires

How to read tire date codes on motorcycles to see how old the tires are — in just 5 seconds. The tire DOT code is four digits giving you first the week number and then the year in two digits of manufacture. You don’t have to do any math. Just remember there are 52 weeks in the year.

Many motorcycle tires come with tread wear indicator bars (TWIs). These are little bands For post tires, the date will appear as four numbers. To give an.

You can find the date your motorcycle tires were manufactured on the sidewall usually inside and oval shape. Every street-legal tire sold in the U. The four digits represent the week and year of production. When your motorcycle sits for long periods of time, or is exposed to temperature fluctuations, the pressure in them can be reduced. You should always check your tire pressure before every ride and they need to be cold at least 3 hours from your last ride. If you ride daily, you may reduce your tire pressure checks to once a week, but still do a visual inspection every time you ride.

The Motorcycle Safety Foundation has a complete pre-check list that you can download to guide you in checking your tires, as well as other important motorcycle safety checks you should be doing on a regular basis. Remember you only have 2 wheels between you and the pavement, so keep the rubber side down and check your tires. Copyright Michael Levine Esq. Please do not act or refrain from acting based on anything you read on this site. Using this site or communicating with Michael Levine Esq.

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Motorcycle Tire Codes Decoded

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